Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day Ten

In Which Our Heroine Forgets and Sings the Ding Dong Song Out Loud

Holy shin splints, Batman!

Seriously. The shin splints? Makes running a beatch. Each step -- pound, pound, pound -- on the sidewalk -- pound, pound, pound -- on my bones. My boss, who is a big time runner, says I need to invest in better (read more $$$$) shoes. Maybe I can convince him to give me a raise??

I have to say, I am officially the dorkiest looking runner out there. I got some of those giant ear phones I've been gritching about. The wire is half the size of my ipod and if I let it, drapes down to my knees. I ran it under my shirt and tried to tuck some of it in my pants, giving myself a creepy wiry bulge on my hip. The good news for my waistline is that my jogging pants which fit before are loosening up a tad. Bad news is that I kept having to hike them back up, dislodging the headphones wire. I almost bought one of those arm things to hold my ipod, but the head phones were pricey enough do I didn't. I'm still running with the ipod in one hand and my key in the other (dear jogging pants corporations -- they're called pockets, please provide some).

Thanks to everyone who sent song selections. I need more ideas though (because, frankly, some of the songs were not me -- I just can't run to country no matter how much it rocks). Happy songs are better than angry songs, and dorky songs are even more better. I just have to remember not to sing them out loud. Which is challenging for me.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day Nine

In Which our Heroine Does, Well, Pretty Well

What a lovely day! The sun finally graced us with its presence and the temperature climbed up into the upper 40s. There was no excuse not to run. Children roams the sidewalks on their way home from school, so I ran most of the way in the street. For some reason I feel self-conscious around them, even though I know they probably don't notice me at all, another mama running in the street listening to music. At least half of them are looking down at their own electronic devices, tapping at their iphone screens, updating their facebook statuses: Walking home.

I walked/ran about 2 miles today, taking a much longer route than normal. My running portions are still not terribly long, but I do seem to be making improvement. Today I ignored the couch to 5K plan and just ran until I felt tired and walked until I felt like running again. I'm hopeful that today's run will quell some of the stress I've been feeling lately.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Day Eight

In Which Our Heroine Has Running Pangs

I don't have the words to express how much I did not want to run today. I sought excuses (I need to go to the grocery store and clean the house as we are having company tomorrow), but the universe thwarted me and I found myself with the perfect running time. I have a terrible pain in my left thigh. I don't know if I pulled a muscle or hit it on something or what. It woke me up last night. I worried with it all day and finally gave in; perhaps the run would help work out the kink. That remains to be seen. I pulled on my running clothes, inserted those stupid ear buds in my ears (I loathe them and covet those big old-school padded headphones), and opened the front door. Sitting on my porch was a box from Anthropologie, a dress I ordered Tuesday. Yes, I know, that was fast, and yes, I chose regular shipping. I tossed the box in the house and hauled my fat butt down the street.

The scale was not kind to me this morning. While Gary kindly suggested it was due to muscle, I know that's a lie. I am a bit worried that I won't fit in to the dress.

While the weather has warmed up (mid-50s), the sun lost its way behind bruise-colored clouds. The air smelled like smoke. At first I thought one of my neighbors had the fireplace going but the woodsy odor followed me on the entire route, which makes me think one of the neighboring pastures was on fire. I couldn't see a plume.

I am still in need of a good playlist. Today I ran to The Finches, Kimya Dawson, Sunscreem, and (I'm a little embarrassed to admit this is on my ipod), Eminem.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day Seven

In Which Our Heroine Contemplates Ending the Whole Endeavor

The trouble with starting over is that it's, well, starting over. Any ground gained is lost. And thus I am still panting, even though I got home from today's run several minutes ago.

2010 has not been of to a good start, which gives me hope it will be a good finish. In addition to identity theft and child-centered drama, I caught a cold which turned into a terribly painful bout of Bell's Palsy, which was followed by yet another cold. In the midst of all this, we experienced record low temps and record high snowfall.

I love the snow. I think it is beautiful. I do not, however, want to run through it. Considering the fall I sustained on the ice while getting into my husband's car (resulting in the splits and a bruised knee), I should probably avoid all ice sprints.

There. I admit it. I am a clumsy, pudgy girl, who has never been athletic.

Well, that's not entirely true. One year in elementary school, I forget which, I won a blue ribbon on Field Day for the 50 yard dash. Everyone was surprised, although no one more than myself. I can remember how it felt, even though it was many, many years ago, sprinting, the ground moving beneath my feet at such speed, it was like my body had a mind of its own and I was just along for the ride.

This was not, I'm afraid, the story of today's run. Today's run was awkward and jiggly. It has also come to my attention that my music collection does not support running. I like mellow acoustic songs. I need fast paced happy songs. Suggestions?

And please. Can someone make a jogging bra that holds everything in place without crushing my ribs?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day Six

In Which A Cat Howls

On today's run I saw a stout woman in a puffy coat buttoned all the way up to her chin. On a white leash she walked an obese orange and white cat. With every step, the cat's belly heaved back and forth and it let out a yowl. I smiled at them and she scowled back and I couldn't help but giggle at the sight. It took my mind off my shin splints.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Day Five

In Which Our Heroine Scrapes Her Darling Daughter Off The Track

I warmed up with the Wii before today's run with a little yoga followed by the marching band game on the Wii fit plus. My inner nerd adores that game. After that, the family and I went to the trails at a lake not far from our home. We chose a 1 mile trail. About a quarter of a mile in, my five year old face planted into the dirt.

Running with the kids is challenging. They like the intervals that I still need to do (I am proud to note that the length of time I am able to run is increasing). But there are many distractions. They either zoom ahead or fall behind. I turned around at one point and found my son had left the trail to throw rocks in the lake (near a fisher, much to the fisher's dismay). When Darling Daughter crashed we stopped to ensure she was okay. A few minor scrapes. She was fine but did not want to run any more.

In the end we convinced her to continue and completed the 1 mile trail. I'd guess we ran just more than half of it, walked the rest. When we started we planned to do the circuit twice, which I think I could have done.

My shin splints were bad today, although I found they improved the further I went. It also seems easier on my body to run faster. The trouble with that is I run out of steam quicker.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day Four

In Which Our Heroine Rescues Her Dog From a School Bus

According to Salad, going for a walk is almost as much fun as digging in fresh mud. Salad is my dog. He's a mid-sized mutt, with some Australian Shepherd and Lab mixed in. I let him in the house, the thin black leash dangling from my fingertips and he goes berserk. His body shakes in anticipation, not just his tail wagging, but the entire back half of his body. I tell him to sit, which he attempts, but the excitement is too much for him to contain, and it take us a moment to get the collar over his floppy ears. He bolts for the door, strangling himself in the process. I grab my keys and follow him. He clotheslines himself again on the porch while I lock up the door.

Salad keeps me going. When I get tired, he pulls me along. His excitement is contagious, although his frequent stops to stiff something or other are difficult, and I trip over the leash more than once. We make the mistake of leaving home just as school is getting out. Our neighborhood is invaded with giant yellow school buses, which, I should have remembered, are terrifying.

Salad cowers each time one drives by, trying fruitlessly to back out of his collar. I try to channel The Dog Whisperer and be the Alpha, and guide him past the steel demons.

Meanwhile, my shins hurt when I run. What is that about and how can I make it stop?